Toy Photography Contest

“The happiest adults are those who never buried old toys, or abandoned imaginary friends."
Richelle E. Goodrich

“Toys are merely ideas brought to life."
Melissa Crawley

For 2024, Animazement will be trying something new for its fans  and attendees. In the past 5 to 10 years, the interest in toys and action figures in the U.S. market has expanded exponentially. So much so, that media and industry analysts estimate that almost 25% to 40% of toys sold domestically in the United States are bought by adult enthusiasts and collectors. Interestingly enough, this phenomenon has been prevalent in Japan since the mid to late 1980’s. The toy collecting hobby among adults has also  spawned a related Hobby… TOY PHOTOGRAPHY!!! 

This year, Animazement will be hosting our first Japanese Toy  Photography Contest. There will be three categories: Professional, Amateur, and Junior. There are only two rules for all three categories. 

#1. All toy photo’s must be related to Anime, Japanese media, or Japanese Culture.

#2. Keep your photos PG-13. No nudity, and no excessive violence or blood. If the photo is NSFW then it will be disqualified.  

The Professional Contest: If your toy photos have been used in any way for promotion of a licensed product, or you have ever been paid by any toy company or retailer (monetarily or through free product), then we ask that you submit your entry under this  category. The Professional Contest will only have two cash based prize winners (Best In Show & Best In Show Runner-Up).  These two winners will also get a prize package with free merch  from retailers who give Animazement prize support for 2024.  
The Amateur Contest: Are you already doing toy photography and want to spread the word about your work? Are you new to the hobby, and want to see if have you what it takes? Then submit your entry here!!! There is no cash prize for this category.  All winners will get prize packages donated to Animazement by  retailers & companies who give us prize support for 2024.  
The Junior Contest: (13 & Under Only) PARENTS!! Grab your kid(s), and hit the park with your iPhone or Camera and have a fun afternoon taking toy pics with your children. Then submit  your photos to Animazement and let your kids have a chance at winning two free “weekend passes” for Animazement 2024, and  a small prize pack of toys donated by retailers or companies  giving Animazment prize support for 2024. 

Winners will be determined and informed prior to the Convention, and will be officially announced at Closing Ceremonies on Sunday at the  Convention.  

Judging will be done by the following panel of local professional & amateur toy  photographers from North Carolina.

  • the_imperial_grunt on Instagram (Professional Toy Photographer)
  • Toyeephotogaphy on Instagram (Experienced Amateur Toy Photographer)
  • badgerspics on Instagram
  • TBA
  • TBA

In addition to the official prizes, we'll also be letting the fans vote!

During Animazement 2024, we will have a presentation of ALL the photos submitted on constant display in a designated location in Artists Alley. Ballot boxes will be present, and we will be letting the fandom vote all day Friday and Saturday. On Sunday we will announce one fan choice winner from  each category.

How to Enter

NOTE: For the “Professional” and “Amateur” Photo Contest, you can only enter in one or the other, NOT BOTH. You either consider yourself a professional toy photographer, or an amateur, and the two shall not mingle or collide in the contest arena!!! 

Please Email Entries To:
Your Subject Line Should Be: Toy Photo Contest Entry

Please Include The Following:

  • Your first and last name
  • Your email
  • Category (Professional, Amateur, Junior)
    • If you are entering the Professional Contest, please include credentials
  • A maximum of 3 photos per contestant
  • Social media account(s) (Instagram, Facebook, etc) where you feature your photography (if you have

Submissions Close Friday May 10th 2024. 

Contest Coordinated By:

plastic_action_punk on Instagram