At Animazement, we have a very limited number of press passes available each year. Applying or contacting the Media Coordinator for credentials in no way guarantees a media outlet will receive credentials. Generally speaking, press credentials are reserved for recognized newspapers, news/wire services, print publications and select accredited websites, national and local visual media publications/television stations as well as local and national radio networks. Independent journalists, photographers, and the like will have their merits considered on a case-by-case basis. Animazement ultimately reserves the right of final approval on all credential applications.


April 15th

E-mail Media Relations
Apply for Press Credentials

How to Apply

Any journalist, photojournalist, photographer, videographer, etc. may be granted press credentials if they qualify as being associated with the media identified under "Press." Simply email our media/press relations department or use the provided form link on this page. We request that you provide your name and phone number, job title, the name of your organization, and a link to your organization's webpage so we may verify any pertinent information. For independent applicants, please also include links or references to your work, as well as a short pitch explaining the merits of your request.

If you are requesting multiple press passes for one organization, only one application needs to be submitted with the list of names, phone numbers, and job titles of those looking to attend. We have a very limited number of press passes available and multiple press passes may not be guaranteed for one organization.

Once your application has been reviewed and if it is approved, we will contact you and your organization with further information regarding press rules and procedures.

Please understand that we must be able to confirm that you are a legitimate journalist with a history of publishing information about anime conventions (or similar events) in order to grant you any press privileges. Animazement does not simply offer press passes and free admission to anyone with a blog, youtube/twitch channel, or instagram!

If you have any special requirements, such as needing a table or electricity, please let us know well in advance of the convention, so we can make the necessary arrangements. Please be aware that while the convention center does have public Wi-Fi, its bandwidth will be limited by the number of users at any given time, so plan accordingly.


  1. We expect courteous treatment of convention attendees, staff, and guests. Failure to abide by this rule will result in the retraction of your press credentials.
  2. Please practice general good convention behavior. Your press credentials must be worn at all times, with your name and organization clearly visible.
  3. This is an agreement that you will publish photos and/or information about Animazement via your media outlet.
  4. You must provide our Media Coordinator copies of all published media about Animazement (including links to articles, photos, videos, etc.). Digital copies may be sent via email. Hard copies of printed publications may be sent to our mailing address.


All members of the press who are using photographic, video or audio recording devices must read theĀ  standard photography policies for Animazement and must follow the guidelines in place.

Additional Privileges for Animazement Press Credentials:

  1. Allowed to set up tripods, lights, stands, etc. inside RCC as long as fixtures are not impeding pedestrian traffic, blocking any doorways, or causing any safety concerns.
  2. The set up of large temporary fixed equipment (such as jibs & cranes) inside RCC during certain events, programs, or panels must obtain written permission from the Media Coordinator to make sure space is available and safety is taken into account.
  3. Interviews of certain guests, directors, and volunteers may be scheduled, but cannot be guaranteed. Guest availability in particular may be limited by their agreements with Animazement and scheduling concerns. Please send all interview requests to the Media Coordinator.