Cultural Events

Join us on a journey through Japan as we explore the culture and the people you've only begun to glimpse in your favorite anime.

In addition to a weekend full of the best of anime and manga, Animazement also presents a variety of panels and performances in celebration of all that Japan has to offer!



Broaden your horizons with these unique opportunities to learn about life in Japan.

Tea Ceremony

a man in traditional Japanese clothing performing a tea ceremony

Learn about the ancient art of tea ceremony in this workshop


a sheet of paper shows the word "hello" written above Japanese characters that read "konnichiwa"

Learn Japanese and discover how to improve your language skills.

Living in Japan

guests seated in a dimly lit panel room learning about Japan

Learn the ins and outs of living and traveling in Japan.

Cultural Studies

a city street in Japan featuring brightly lit signs

Learn about the many ways Japanese culture is truly unique.

Featured Cultural Panels for 2023



Join us for a variety of performances, both modern and traditional, from all corners of Japan.



a man in traditional Japanese clothing stands on a sandy beach. He is playing a Japanese instrument called a sanshin.

From shamisen to taiko, take a moment to enjoy musical performances that are uniquely Japanese.


a man kneels on a stage wearing bright yellow traditional Japanese clothing. He is smiling out at an audience.

Rakugo is a comic storytelling art that has been entertaining the Japanese for over 400 years.


"VTV World"

Join some of the best VTubers from Japan as they present a wide variety of musical performances just for you!



Enjoy the performance of tate (sword dancing) for a unique and artistic look at the time of the samurai.