Animazement has a lot of great events and contests that we want to share with all of our our attendees. In order to create an environment where everyone can enjoy themselves, meet new friends, meet-up with old friends, and have a good time, we ask all of our attendees to adhere to the following policies.


Anti-Harassment Policy

Animazement is a safe space in which all attendees can feel welcome and secure, regardless of race, gender identity, sexual orientation, nationality, disability, religion, or age. We have a zero-tolerance stance on harassment, and will investigate all such claims seriously and thoroughly. Any actions found in violation of this policy may result in disciplinary measures up to and including removal from the convention and bans from future Animazement-sponsored activities.

  • Comments (verbal or non-verbal, such as sign language) or gestures that insult, offend, or otherwise make others feel unsafe
  • Inappropriate or unwelcome physical contact
  • Inappropriate or unwelcome photography or recording
  • Inappropriate or unwelcome handling of others’ cosplay, costumes, or props
  • Actions intended to intimidate, such as stalking or following
  • Suggesting or encouraging any behavior determined to be harassing

Please help us keep Animazement safe and friendly for everyone, and remember – cosplay is not consent!

Code of Conduct

In the interest of ensuring everyone a safe and fun convention, all attendees of Animazement are expected to adhere to to the following Code of Conduct:

  1. Harassment and bullying will not be tolerated. If anyone feels they are being targeted, please talk to a con staff member, Elite Security Member, or a Raleigh PD officer as quickly as possible. Remember that we are all family and should be treated with respect.
  2. Do not sleep in convention areas. Rooms are available at nearby hotels.
  3. Do not sell anything at the convention (art, T-shirts, videos, glowsticks, etc.) without PRIOR written permission from the Animazement director. Selling stuff out of your room is a great way to end your convention early!
  4. Wear your badge. No badge means no admittance. Period. Badges are non-transferrable.
  5. Treat the Guests of Honor, convention staff, volunteers, and other attendees with respect.
  6. Do not take photographs, shoot videos, or make recordings when the use of such devices is prohibited. If you aren’t sure, ask the nearest Animazement staff member. Signs will be posted. This is an unfortunate way to end your convention early.
  7. Do not destroy or damage the convention facilities, or any property belonging to the RCC or Animazement. Animazement is not responsible for any damage you cause to the RCC or any hotel facilities or property.
  8. Do not touch or “borrow” the audio/visual equipment. You break it, you buy it.
  9. Do not talk loudly or heckle the anime in the video rooms. Switch your cellphones to silent. There is a time and place to be obnoxious; this isn’t it.
  10. Do not obstruct the flow of traffic. Keep doorways and stairs clear. We all want to move around the convention, and we can’t if you are in the way. Step to the side to take photographs. The stairs are not a hangout spot.
  11. Follow the Props and Weapons Policy. Don’t spar with or swing your props. You could hurt someone, and will be removed from the convention.
  12. Use your “inside voice.” Do not be loud and obnoxious unless instructed to do so by convention staff. There is a time and place to be obnoxious; we will let you know when that time comes! Do not beg, panhandle, or solicit for anything.
  13. Wear appropriate clothing at all times, as outlined in the Dress Code below. If you are asked to change, please do so. RCC rules require that you wear shoes at all times. Violation of these rules may end your convention early.
  14. Smoking and vaping are prohibited inside the RCC.
  15. Do not drink alcoholic beverages if you are under the age of 21. Animazement does NOT serve alcohol to attendees. No alcohol on the convention floor. Ditto for illegal substances. Raleigh police officers will be on hand at all times, so don’t even think about it.
  16. Do not move tables and chairs. These items have been placed where they are needed. If you see convention staff moving furniture, please volunteer to help.
  17. Bathe. This should go without saying, but every year some attendees manage to incite the wrath of the Febreeze Ninja. Nobody likes a funky-smelling otaku. Hotels provide soap for a reason.
  18. Signs are so last century! Have a personality, not a sign!
  19. Take care of yourself! We know that there is so much to do at Animazement, sometimes it’s hard to remember to eat, drink, and sleep. But please remember to take care of your body’s basic needs! Water stations are provided for you. Take advantage of them, and stay hydrated! Plan your day so that you can have times for meals and rest. It is not a badge of honor to survive the weekend on nothing but Pocky and no sleep, it’s just stupid.
  20. 18+ panels. There are certain events at Animazement designated as 18+. Attendees planning to go to these events must be at least 18 years old and obtain a wristband from the wristband booth PRIOR to the event. Current Picture identification is required to obtain your wristband; please do not use an expired I.D. We will NOT check identification at the door – no bracelet, no admittance.
  21. The Raleigh Convention Center (RCC) does not allow pets inside the building. The RCC's policy is as follows:
    • For sanitation purposes, the Raleigh Convention Center allows only seeing eye dogs (or other similar animals used for assistance by the disabled) and animals used as part of an approved exhibit or event inside the facility. Otherwise, no animals or pets are permitted in the Convention Center.  Proper sanitary safeguards must be taken.

Dress Code

Animazement has worked hard over the years to provide a family-friendly environment. In keeping with that philosophy, we have decided to codify our dress policy.

Essentially, our policy is that you should only wear outfits that you would be comfortable wearing in front of children, grandparents, and anyone in between. We will not allow anything lewd or more revealing than a modest bathing suit. Also, all costumes must be robust enough to remain intact if you stumble, bump into someone, or burst into spontaneous jumping jacks.

In order to remove as much subjectivity as possible, we’ve compiled a general list of guidelines. These are not all-inclusive, but they’re likewise not negotiable. Animazement staff and security reserve the right to tell you to change on a judgment call basis, so make sure you have a change of clothes or the cash to buy a wonderful Animazement t-shirt if you feel your outfit may be inappropriate.

  1. Your outfit must cover you at least as well as a modest swimsuit would. (No thongs or other minimalist bottoms. No pasties, tape, or paint in lieu of a full coverage top. Also, obviously nothing transparent for these areas.) We reserve the right to lessen these restrictions after dark.
  2. Your outfit cannot feature vulgar imagery or otherwise inappropriate content.  Otherwise you will be asked to change.
  3. Your outfit must have shoes or sandals that ensure that no part of your foot touches the floor at any time. (RCC rules require that you wear shoes at all times.)
  4. You cannot wear roller skates, blades, or any variation thereof. (You may still have the skates with you – usually worn by the laces around the neck for photo purposes, you just can’t wear them in the convention area.)
  5. Skateboards and hoverboards are not allowed on RCC property.
  6. You cannot connect yourself to another person. (No chains, leashes, ropes, or anything else that limits the mobility of another person. This is a safety hazard and thus is not allowed.)
  7. Cosplay Signs must be approved at prop check.
  8. All props must pass the weapons policy, even if you just want to use them during the cosplay contest.

If you have any questions, please Contact Us.

Props & Weapons

Animazement wants to create a safe environment for all attendees, while also allowing costumers to show off their hard work and craftsmanship. Please review this page and ensure that everything you bring to the convention follows Animazement guidelines.

All props must be approved by Animazement staff. The prop check table is located in the main lobby of the RCC. If you are entering the convention with a prop that has not been checked, you will not be allowed to enter through the tunnel entrance. If you purchase a prop in the Dealer’s Room, please proceed to the prop check table immediately to have it tagged. All decisions made by Animazement staff are final.

An attendee’s medically necessary mobility or sensory aids, such as canes, crutches, walkers, reach extension devices, rollators, wheelchairs, etc, do NOT need to be prop checked. However, if you are using such a device as a prop (even if medically necessary for the user), it does require prop check. The Accessibility Coordinator will assist in answering any questions or concerns regarding use of medical support devices.

Misusing a prop, or engaging in horseplay by swinging it around, sparring, etc., is the fastest way to lose the privilege of carrying it at all.

All props are subject to review by the convention staff. You may be asked by Animazement or RCC staff to remove your prop. If this happens, you must not only cease wearing it, but also remove it from the convention area immediately.

Failure to adhere to this policy can result in immediate expulsion from the convention. Remember, if you have any doubt, you can always contact us or check with security staff at the convention.

Dealers' Room Weapons

If you purchase a live steel weapon, airsoft gun, or any other forbidden prop in the Dealers Room, take it immediately to your room or car for storage. Do not carry it around with you.

Permitted Costume & Props

Items which are permitted with certain limitations include:

  1. Easily identifiable toy plastic guns. Nerf guns are only permitted if they are unable to fire or be enabled to fire. Water guns may be permitted if they are permanently disabled.
  2. Wooden bokken, staffs or walking sticks
  3. Fake weapons made from cardboard, Styrofoam, rubber, or other craft materials
  4. Prop bows and arrows – A prop bow must not be able to fire a projectile or be enabled to fire a projectile. If the string can be drawn, it will not be allowed. Projectiles (arrows, bolts, nerf projectiles) are not allowed unless they are unable to be fired.
  5. Large props – If a prop is so large that a single person cannot safely carry it without endangering others, it is not allowed.
  6. Large costumes – If a costume is so large, heavy, or cumbersome that the wearer cannot safely move without the aid of another person, it is not allowed inside the RCC. Basically, if you can cause injury to someone else by running them down with your cosplay, it won’t be allowed past convention checkpoints.
  7. Heavy props – If your prop is so heavy that you cannot safely carry it by yourself, it is too heavy.
  8. Cosplay Signs - Any sign specifically related to a cosplay must be approved by prop check. **All decisions on cosplay signs are at the discretion of our prop check staff.

Forbidden Costume & Props

Items which are strictly prohibited (no questions asked) include :

  1. Live Steel – This includes any metal objects which have or can take an edge (sharp or not), including but not limited to:
    • Swords, knives, and other bladed weapons
    • Shuriken
    • Metal armor
    • Any other metal objects that can take an edge regardless of whether the item is actually sharp
    • Ice Skates – Skates are only allowed if the blade is removed
  2. Other Metal Objects – This includes heavy metal objects that do not have an edge, including but not limited to:
    • Real golf clubs
    • Metal pipes
    • Metal baseball bats
    • Metal folding chairs
    • Metal tools such as hammers and wrenches (Some exceptions may be made on a case by case basis. Very small, light metal tools may be allowed, but a heavy plumbers wrench will NOT be allowed.)
  3. Projectile Weapons – No projectile weapons of any kind will be allowed. Examples include, but are not limited to:
    • Airsoft guns of any type. NO airsoft guns will be allowed regardless of whether it is functional or not. Broken, no moving parts, still not allowed.
    • BB and other pellet guns
    • Water guns
    • Stun guns and tasers
    • Functional nerf guns
    • Real bows or crossbows, including real arrows or crossbow bolts. Prop bows must be unable to fire (see permitted props below for details).
    • Live ammo or blanks
  4. Message Signs – This includes all message based signs, picket signs, polling signs and dry erase boards.  If you think a sign is necessary for your cosplay, it must be approved at prop check.  **All decisions on cosplay signs are at the discretion of our prop check staff.
  5. Paddles – Regardless of the shape, size, material, or message that may be written on them, paddles of any kind will not be allowed.
  6. Baseball bats – no metal or wooden bats of any kind are allowed. Plastic bats are okay.
  7. Real whips – This includes all types of real whips that are capable of causing injury.
  8. No cap guns of any kind.
  9. Skateboards and hoverboards are not allowed on RCC property.