Karaoke Contest

Come on stage and sing your heart out! We’ve got the audience and the music.. all we need is the star!

Are you ready to sing your heart out?
Is yours the song that will pierce the heavens?
Come sign up for the karaoke contest and find out!

What is the Karaoke Contest?

We are going DIGITAL! In actuality, this contest is less karaoke and more of an American Idol-style singing competition. Entrants provide their own music, and no words or teleprompts are provided. Somehow, in the ancient past of Animazement, this thing got called the “Karaoke Contest”, and we have yet to think of a better name!

Please familiarize yourself with the following rules!


  • Online sign ups for 2025 will open TBD.
  • The contest sign-ups are on a first come first serve basis, so please submit soonest to ensure your spot as we will be limited to 20 contestants.  Contest Rules: 2024 Contest Rules
  • Your song must be from an anime, a video game, Jpop, Jrock, or some other Japanese/Asian source.
  • If your chosen songs are duplicates of other entrants, we will inform you to determine if you want to continue with your selection or if you would like to change.

Sign-ups will be available at the convention during Karaoke Box hours Thursday through Saturday with the deadline TBD!  Please be sure that you bring your MP3s with you and have them available on a flash drive.  We will not have any other means to pull files.

Music (not lyrics) from the Karaoke Box are available for you as well.

Once you are signed up, you are signed up. No revisions are permitted.

If you have any questions regarding the contest, please email us at LDKaraoke03@gmail.com

The Contest

Due to the limited time frame for sign-ups, you will be informed either via email (if signed up prior to the convention) or at the convention (if signing up in person) as to your spot in the contest.  This is very important as we will be moving things fairly quickly with the tight time-frame we are working in. 

Even if you are not in the 20 selected to perform, you may still get a chance at competition if a selected contestant is absent. Make sure you have eaten, are hydrated, medicated, taken a power nap, whatever you need to be healthy! You gotta be your best!

  • Be certain to check the schedule so you know when the event begins. As times are subject to change, we are not placing that information here. The most up-to-date information is on Animazement’s 2023 Guidebook.  You can find a link to this on the front page of this site.
  • Contestants may either participate as a Single Entry (one person) or a Group Entry (2-5)
  • Contestants may only compete once in the contest. When competing as a Group Entry, all members of the group must sing during each round. Group members may not rotate or change between rounds.
  • The contest is split into two rounds this year.  The following time limits apply for each round.  Please note if your song is over the allotted time, we will fade the music out.
    • Preliminary Round Song Time Limit: 3:30
    • Second Round Song Time Limit: 5:00
  • Contestants are asked to prepare a different song for each round. 
  • Songs may be sung with original audio, backing track, a cappella or with instruments. 
  • No apologizing for your singing! You get up there and sing your heart out!