The 2023 ANIMAZEMENT AMV Contest Guidelines


Starting in 2023, Animazement will be doing something NEW with the AMV Contest(s).

This year ANIMAZEMENT will not have “ONE” AMV Contest, but “FOUR”, please READ for details. The Four Contests (NOT Categories) will be “The Professional AMV Contest”, “The Amateur AMV Contest”, “The 18+ AMV Contest”, & “The Japanese Live-Action Video Contest”.

The Professional AMV Contest*: This year, “THE PRO’s” are getting their own AMV Contest, and we are hoping that the Competition will be thick. If you want to test your metal against other hardcore AMV creators, then this is the contest for you. Fame and glory could be yours, but do you have the SKILL to take the gold?!!! There will only be TWO cash-based prizes for the winners of this contest: First Place “Best In Show”, and Best In Show Runner Up.

The 18+ AMV Contest: This contest is open to BOTH amateur & professional AMV Creators. THIS IS NOT A HENTAI AMV CONTEST. All hentai submissions WILL be disqualified. ANIMAZEMENT has a reputation for being family friendly, but we cannot deny the fan-base has grown up. If ANIMAZEMENT'S family friendly Pplicy has ever kept you from entering that perfect AMV simply because the song you’ve chosen has explicit lyrics, or a scene from an anime was too bloody, extreme, or had mild nudity, then we’re giving you the chance to show us what you've got. All prizes in this category will be anime merch such as figures, statues, toys, manga, art books, and anime / Japanese live action Blu-Rays or DVDs.
**NOTE** Only “Mild Nudity” will be allowed. For best reference, we are using the term “Ranma Level” to describe how much is acceptable.

The Amateur AMV Contest*: Have you ever wanted to make an AMV and enter it on the convention level, but were intimidated by the steep competition? Well, this is the contest for you! Who cares if you don’t have the expensive editing software, or the experience? As long as you have a concept, and the ambition this is the contest to get in on the ground floor and run with it. This contest will have ZERO cash based prizes. All prize categories will be anime merch such as figures, statues, toys, manga, art books, and anime / Japanese live action Blu-Rays or DVDs. Also, unlike the Professional Contest, there will be MANY more prizes given out.

The Japanese Live-Action Contest: Over the past 5 to 10 years, Japanese live-action has seen a huge increase in viewership within the United States. Do you have a favorite Japanese live-action movie or TV series? If you want to share your love of samurai films, Yakuza TV series, Super Sentai, or Godzilla with the fandom, then we’re opening the flood gates. All videos must use footage from JAPANESE live-action media (Sorry, other Asian live-action media will be disqualified). This contest is open to BOTH professional & amateur contestants. All prizes in this category will be anime merch such as figures, statues, toys, manga, art books, and anime / Japanese live-action Blu-Rays or DVDs.

*NOTE: For the “Professional” and “Amateur” AMV Contests, you can Enter in one or the other, NOT BOTH. You either consider yourself a PRO-AMV content creator, or an AMATEUR, and the two shall not mingle on the contest stage!!!

NOTE #2: This is new territory for Animazement. If we do not receive enough entries for a specific contest, we reserve the right to merge entries to fill the allotted time slots on the convention schedule.

AMV Guidelines

1. Your video should be no more than five minutes in length. If you feel your video needs to exceed this length, please include a short explanation in the comments section of your submission form.

2. Try to keep your file size below 200MB. If your video requires a larger size to maintain quality, that is fine. We won’t disqualify anyone for a high quality video.

3. No titles or credits, please. Also, do not include studio bumpers or logos. These take up time, and distract from your actual creation. A standard title card with credits will be provided for you.

4. Footage used must be primarily from an anime, video game, or Japanese live-action source. You may use multiple video sources. Please list all video sources on the entry form.

5. Audio should be primarily music, without excessive dialog or narration. You may use multiple audio sources. If you use more than one song, or non-song audio sources, include each of them in the appropriate space on the entry form. Some spoken parts are acceptable given the context of your video (i.e. if you are making a Parody or Trailer-style AMV).

6. No subtitles from fansubs or commercial releases. Subtitles that you add yourself are okay.

7. Avoid using video sources with timestamps, network logos, karaoke text, or other visual distractions.

8. If selected, your video will be shown on the big screen via an LCD projector. Try to use the highest-quality video sources you can, and keep in mind that some video will look different when projected.

9. Animazement is a family-friendly convention, so take this into consideration when it comes to the content of your video. Submissions containing nudity, offensive language, and/or excessive violence will be put in the 18+ contest automatically. Try not to include anything over a “PG-13″ rating if your video is intended for a contest other than the 18+ contest.

10. No more than two entries per contestant or studio in each individual conest. If you want us to consider one of your entries as your primary entry, clearly label it in the comments section of your submission form.

11. If your video has won two or more major awards at other conventions prior to your submission it may be disqualified. (This refers to the specific video you submit to us–it’s fine if your past videos have won awards!)

12. While we ask that you select a category for your video within a specific contest, we reserve the right to re-assign or add additional categories if it will better represent the videos we receive.

13. Please keep in mind that some source video and audio is over-used at AMV contests. We won’t disqualify your video, even if your source material appears in bulk–but don’t blame us when your masterpiece is greeted by groans at the contest! Be creative, and set yourself apart from the crowd.

14. If your video has been publicly accessible online or screened at any contest BEFORE June 1, 2022 it may be disqualified. We’d like to keep entries as “fresh” as possible.


1. Entries can only be accepted in digital format.

2. Name your file using this format: “CATEGORY – YOUR NAME – VIDEO TITLE”.


  • Action
  • Giant Robot
  • Upbeat
  • Romance
  • Drama
  • Comedy
  • Parody
  • Trailer

This year's special category is TBD.

3. Upload your video file to a file hosting service. You may use your own website, or a reputable download service like Dropbox or Google Drive. We require a direct link where we can download your full-quality video file (YouTube does NOT count as a valid download link).

4. Complete the AMV Contest Entry Form here on our website for each of your entries, and paste a direct download link to your video file into the submission form where indicated. Make sure the link you send us is accurate!

5. If you are unable or unwilling to submit your video via a website, you may mail us a data CD/DVD with your video file. For submitting on a CD/DVD disc:

a. Please burn your CD/DVD as a data disc.
b. If there is more than one video file on the disc please label each one accordingly.
c. When you submit your AMV Contest Entry Form, please write “Snail Mail” in the field where you are asked to put a link to your file.
d. Please label your disc clearly with your name and the title(s) of the video(s) on it.
e. Mail your disc to:

c/o AMV Contest Coordinator
PO Box 31582
Raleigh, NC 27622

6. Deadline for entry is TBD

We are not responsible for discs damaged or lost in the mail.
While you don’t need to be present at Animazement to win, it’s a lot more fun for you and everyone else if you are!

1. We accept entries in virtually any video file format (MP4, AVI, MPEG, MOV, etc.). However, the more common the format and codec you use, the more likely we’ll be able to play it properly. Please don’t use obscure, hard-to-find audio or video codecs.

2. We prefer entries to be 780×480 or higher at 23.97 or 29.97 fps