Accessibility Services

Animazement is committed to making this convention fully accessible for all of our guests and attendees!


The Raleigh Convention Center is an ADA-compliant facility.   For more information, please follow the link to their official website.

For ADA specific requirements for service animals, please reference the information here.

RCC Accessibility Info

Animazement provides the following services in addition to those provided by the RCC:

  • The Accessibility Services Table, located in the main lobby of the RCC next to Registration, is staffed during convention hours. Our accessibility staff is available there to answer any questions or provide any assistance you may need.
  • Accessibility Stickers – These stickers can be obtained at the Accessibility Services Table, and indicate any person who may require advanced seating, may be unable to stand for long periods of time, or may need access to the serenity room. The sticker is applied discretely to the back of an attendee’s badge.
  • Expedited Registration - Our Registration line can often be long or involve standing outside for long periods in high temperatures.  If you cannot stand in line for a long period of time because of a disability, please come directly to the Accessibility Services table in the main lobby to get your badge. If you think you may want to take advantage of this service, we request you pre-register, if at all possible, to help expedite the process, but we're happy to help you either way!
  • Advanced Seating – All main event rooms and panel rooms have designated advanced seating sections, including wheelchair seating. If you require advanced seating, wheelchair seating, or cannot stand in line for a long period of time, inform the member of our staff monitoring the line, or find the nearest staff member.
  • Serenity Room – Animazement provides a quiet room for the use of those who need a quiet space to escape the crowds. In order to prevent abuse of this room, the location is not publicized.  If you need to use this room, or anticipate a need, please speak to our accessibility staff at the lobby table.  They will fill you in on the room’s location and how to access it.
  • Interpreters for the Hearing Impaired – Animazement does NOT retain an interpreter. If you require an interpreter, please contact us by mid-April at the latest and we will be happy to provide one.

If you have any questions or requests, or a need that is not addressed above, please contact us using the form below.  It is our goal to make Animazement accessible to all, and we are ready to help in any way we can!

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