Photography & Videography Guidelines

Animazement guests, attendees, volunteers, staff and employees have the right to maintain their privacy. Animazement members may be asked to refrain from photographing guests if the guests would prefer to not have their photo taken.

Photographing within the Artists Alley and the Art Show is only allowed at the discretion of the individual artists.

The usage of photographic and other recording devices is prohibited in certain areas of the convention, including but not limited to:

  • Video Rooms
  • Music/Concert Events

The usage of flash photography is prohibited in certain areas of the convention, including but not limited to:

  • Guest Panels
  • Masquerade

Professional Photographic Equipment Usage Inside & Outside of Raleigh Convention Center (RCC)

Raleigh is very open to photographers and film crew in public areas, but caution and safety are their only concerns. The use of professional photographic equipment on Raleigh sidewalks, public land and parks are allowed including tripods, lights, stands, etc. and DOES NOT REQUIRE specialized photo permits within the city limits and must follow the city public fair use ordinance. As long as the photographic equipment DO NOT impede pedestrian traffic or cause safety concerns by the Raleigh Police, NOR does your placement of equipment or actions of photographing causes property damages including, but not limited to stomping over flowers or bushes, you should be fine.

If you require areas of public property to be sectioned off for photographic or film production, please contact the Raleigh Police Information and Questions at 919-996-3335.

There are no restrictions of photography or videography of using handheld or fixed equipment outside the RCC.

  • Tripods, Lights, Stands, Jibs, Cranes, etc. are allowed outside on RCC property within reason (i.e. stay on walk paths).
  • Equipment must not impede pedestrian traffic flow. Share the sidewalk and walk paths.
  • Try to limit your shoot time and give others respect and courtesy to shoot in similar locations.

No temporary or permanent free standing fixed photographic equipment (tripod, stands, cranes, etc.) are allowed inside RCC unless:

  • Animazement Attendee has a Press Pass.
  • Obtained written permission from Staff of Animazement, Educational Growth Across Oceans organization.
  • Use of assistants to handhold fixed photographic equipment (people used as bipods holding softboxes) are OK.
  • Designated & marked photo booths and photography areas.

The use of photographic equipment inside RCC must adhere to Fire Safety rules:

  • All equipment and personnel must be 4 ft away from Doors and Entrances.
  • All equipment and personnel must NOT be impeding traffic at any time, please be respectful.
  • No temporary or permanent equipment can be rigged to railings, walls or ceilings by use of grips, adhesive or any other means.

The unsanctioned sale of photography services is strictly forbidden onsite.

Attendees are welcome to arrange third-party photography services online or offsite, but it remains against Animazement policy for any sales or transactions to occur on convention/RCC grounds. Professionals may otherwise photograph freely, but are not exempt from any of the guidelines enumerated above.

Please note that it is also against RCC policy for anyone to attempt sales on the grounds outside the RCC. It is also against hotel policy for anyone to sell anything from hotel rooms or other hotel spaces.

If found violating any of these policies, the violator will be immediately removed from the convention, potentially forfeiting their badge. In addition, the RCC and area hotels may remove the violator from their premises at their discretion.


City of Raleigh Management

City of Raleigh Zoning Enforcement

All Animazement members and attendees at the Animazement event are prevented from taking, recording, or creating film or digital pictures, videos, tapes, sound recordings or any other visual or auditory recreation of any kind of any Animazement guest, member, volunteer, employee or of any event including but not limited to the Dance, Panels, Cosplay Chess, Artists Alley, Masquerade or performances for any commercial use or for the solicitation of funds for any commercials without the express written permission from the Animazement, Educational Growth Across Oceans organization.


Keep entrances into the building and doorways clear by 4 ft. Can’t impede doorways, fire safety issue.
The City of Raleigh manages both the RCC facilities and the land property. It is considered public with the fair use ordinance under the “Standards for Private Use of Public Spaces”. For more information, please click here.
Completely open to anything as long as it does not impede pedestrian traffic on the sidewalks, obvious safety concerns and/or a permanent structure for the use of film production. Anything beyond a simple tripod and light stand setup would require permission from the Chiefs office of the Raleigh Police.
There is not a formal photo permit or business license directly related to photography within the city of Raleigh. It’s very informal and really comes down to a sidewalk/pedestrian issue.
No real difference in terms of media, non-media, professional, non-professional, for-profit and non-profit film/photography production as long as fair use ordinance and common sense are followed.