Art Show and Contest

The 2023 Animazement Art Show will NOT include an auction for visitors' art. In it's place we will have an Art Contest. Winners from each category will receive a prize and recognition on the website.


No art will be accepted after 12pm (noon) Saturday of the convention. This is to ensure that submissions get a fair share of time in the Show for attendees to view and bid.

Age Limits

Due to concerns about safety, children below the age of 10 years will not be allowed to participate in art classes. They may accompany a qualified adult into a class and an adult may choose to purchase a ticket to craft an item for the child, but the children themselves will not be allowed to handle the crafting materials or equipment. If you have further questions, feel free to ask the Art Show staff.

Art Show

The Art Show is a place for artists of all stripes to display art of all types. We get some really amazing art, so please check us out!

Check the FAQ, rules, and notes below for more information. If you have any further questions, you can contact us at

Occasionally an original artist or producer will request that Fan Art be rejected for sale or display, even if the art piece otherwise complies with Art Room rules and policies. Animazement will comply with their wishes.

Intellectual Property

The characters and settings of your favorite manga, anime, and live action works are the Intellectual property of the original artists and producers. Re-drawn [traced or eyeballed], photocopied, or digitally captured images are considered the Intellectual Property of the original artists and producers and cannot be accepted by the Art Room for sale or display.


We usually accept submissions starting Thursday night during pre-con, up until mid-morning Saturday.

What's Allowed

Original works of art and Fan Art may be submitted in accordance to the rules below. Fan Art is defined as art featuring your favorite characters and settings in original presentations (original poses, original mediums, etc). Art Room Staff will determine if a piece qualifies as original Fan Art.


  • Art space is sold on a first-come, first-served basis at the convention only. There is no pre-registration or reservation of art space. Art must be ready to display at the time of space purchase. Animazement only collects art space rental, and does not take any commission from the sale of artwork, thus payment is due immediately.
  • All Prints, Paintings, and sketches must be able to hang from binder clips or hooks. Matting and/or framing the art piece is suggested to ensure the piece can be hung w/o damaging it; this also often helps to increase the piece’s value. Sculptures, models, and other 3D works must be on stable bases. Art Room Staff will determine if a piece must be hung, or should have a table display. All works must be identified with a bid form issued by the Art Room Staff.
  • Animazement reserves the right to:
    • Limit the number of pieces of art on any one display panel or table
    • Refuse works based on their appropriateness and suitability for display
    • Limit the number of pieces displayed by a single artist
    • Cancel an artist’s rental, returning all rental fees and artwork.
    • Deny re-entry in subsequent years to any bidders who do not honor their bids or who are caught changing their bids or other bids without prior approval.
    • Photograph your art for social media updates. AZ will never use your art for promotional purposes without express consent.
  • Artwork is not to be removed from the Art Room prior to  Saturday Mid-Afternoon or the artist disqualifies themselves from participation in the Art Contest with no refund. 
  • Artists will be able to pick up earnings and unsold artwork on the Sunday of Animazement. Unclaimed artwork may be sold or destroyed at the discretion of Animazement. Revenue from the sale of unclaimed artwork and earnings unclaimed by artists may be donated to a charity of Animazement’s choosing. If an artist is not available on Sunday, special arrangements may be made with Art Room Staff at the staff’s discretion.
  • For artwork that is donated to our Charity Auction, artists are responsible for all taxes and associated costs related to the sale or display of their artwork. Animazement encourages artists to consult their tax advisors.
  • Animazement and the convention venue will take reasonable security precautions for the premises, however there is no assumption of any legal or financial responsibility for the artwork on display.
  • All claims of error must be submitted in writing within 30 days of the close of the convention.

Art Classes

Are you a budding artists that wants to learn new skills?  Or a beginner looking to start your own journey into creating art? Check out Animazement's art classes and leave the con with your own unique souvenir!

Classes for 2023

Animazement offers a variety of classes from animation lessons to creating your own plushie! Check back in May to find out more about what classes will be on offer in 2023!

Some classes may require you pay a small fee to cover the cost of materials. These classes will be designated with a $$ sign in your convention schedule.

Cosplay Repair Booth

Located in the artist alley off the right as you get off the escalator, the costume repair booth is available for all Animazement visitors to fix or alter any last minute costume needs.