What’s New in 2023

I guess we should start this post with a caveat… Not everything below is strictly new. We’re bringing back a lot of things that we all had to do without last year and we know you all don’t want to miss out on them! So let’s start there.

What’s BACK in 2023?

Video Room

Our video room is back in its old home in room 205A. We’ll be showing a mix of anime along with some live action favorites from Japan. Godzilla, anyone?

Karaoke Box

Our friends in the Karaoke Box have returned to their home in room 201 and they’re ready to help you sing your heart out. This year the Karaoke Box has gone digital. Check out their online song list and get ready to perform!

Late Night Dances

Our late night dances are back. Join us in Exhibit Hall C on Friday and Saturday night and dance the night away! Remember, large bags are not allowed in the late night dance. If your bag is larger than a fanny pack, be sure to leave it in your car or hotel. Or you can stop by our bag check in room 202!

Tabletop Gaming

Our Tabletop Gaming area also makes a return to its regular place on the Mezzanine outside of Exhibit Hall C and the Manga Library. Tables there are reserved for gamers. Choose one of our games or bring your own and get ready for adventure!

We’ve kept you waiting long enough. Now it’s time to talk about what’s new!

AMV Contest

We’ve revitalized our AMV contest and we’re so excited for you to see what we’ve got in store! This year, instead of just one showing, we’ll have three! The Professional division will be shown Friday night at 7pm in the Ballroom, but that’s not all we’ve got! Stick around on Saturday night and you’ll find the Amateur Division at 8:30, and for you night owls, the 18+ Division at midnight.

Special Sessions

This year we introduced two special sessions. For an additional cost, you can join us for one of our sake tasting panels and learn all about sake while trying some samples. Or you can participate in a mini-tsugaru shamisen workshop with our guests KiKi and Norm Nakamura! Seating is very limited. Find out more here or go here to learn about how to get tickets!

Food Truck Street Festival

This year we’ll be shutting down Cabarrus street (that’s the street that runs parallel to the Mezzanine) to park a variety of food trucks! And just come inside to find even more of your favorite food vendors! You’re bound to find something unique to excite your tastebuds!

RCC Alcohol Service

Yes, you read that right! This year we will now offer alcohol service inside the RCC, including things like Japanese beers and Asian inspired cocktails and mocktails! Service starts at 7pm each evening. And since the RCC is part of the Sip n Stroll district, you can order that drink to go!

There’s so much to do, you’ll want to start planning now! And the best way to do that is to download our Guidebook app! There you’ll find the full, up to date schedule, interactive maps, and even some information on events going on downtown just for us! Scan the QR code below, or follow this link and click download. guidebook.com/g/animazement2023