2022 Contest Winners

This was a weekend full of talent and we’re excited to share with you these outstanding contest winners. Congratulations to everyone!

AMV Category Winners

  • Best Romance – XO by ANH9000
  • Best Comedy – U-A-MON by Minkyojin
  • Best Action – Anime is Misery by New Possibility
  • Best Drama – Child Erased by Minetchan (Pixel Blend Studios)
  • Best Upbeat – Aggressive Aftertaste by Phlashbak
  • Best Trailer – The Ballad of Reki Bobby by Gina Nelson

AMV Best in Show

  • 1st Place overall – U-A-MON by Minkyojin
  • 2nd Place Overall – Anime is Misery by New Possibility
  • 3rd Place Overall – Rumble by Gina Nelson
  • Staff Favorite – Big Cherry Energy by 133TMEATWAD

Lip Sync for your Cosplay

  • Harmony

Karaoke Contest

  • 1st Place – Lex Lunar
  • 2nd Place – Caleb Rodriguez
  • 3rd Place – Ryuzaki Nei

Cosplay Craftsmanship

Honorable Mention

  • Tracer by Somi Cosplay

Judges’ Choice Awards

  • Hawke by Madeline
  • Obito by Tiffany

Novice Category

  • 1st Place – Barioth Hunter by Ironworks Cosplay
  • 2nd Place – Ninetails Gajinka by ViveBlue
  • 3rd Place – Avatar Kyoshi by Mal

Journeyman Category

  • 1st Place – Sakura Kitaoji by Makelovely Cosplay
  • 2nd Place – Mew Berry by April Mae

Craftsman Category

  • 1st Place – Hilda and Ravio by Bad Kattitude
  • 2nd Place – Xie Lian by Tohma

Best in Show

  • Kirara Hanazono by Berry-chan


Honorable Mentions

  • Red Panda by Alianna
  • Pop Team Epic – Cursed Image Cosplay
  • Starburst Idols

Judges’ Choice Award

  • Sun and Moon by Noodle and Shruumie

Novice Category

  • 1st Place – Howl and Sophie by Crowned Cosplay and Kiss the Stars Cosplay
  • 2nd Place – Miku by Kora
  • 3rd Place – Lumine and Albedo by Kade and Jay

Journeyman Category

  • 1st Place – Akali and Ahri by Kristine and Sarah

Craftsman Category

  • Idol Master Riamu Yumemi by Berry-chan

Best in Show

  • Demon Slayer by Mystic Dream