Updates on Animazement 2021

Greetings to all our Animazement friends and family,

We’re a couple months into the new year and lots of you have already started looking ahead to this May, wondering what the convention will look like, or if there will even be a convention at all.  We’re looking ahead as well.  The directors have been keeping a close eye on executive orders and NCDHHS recommendations regarding COVID-19, but at this time we are unable to determine with clarity and certainty the status of Animazement 2021. Somehow, we have found ourselves in the same situation we were a year ago.

What does this mean for you, our attendees?  Well, in simplest terms, we don’t know what AZ 2021 will look like.  While we’re again exploring all our options, we are still operating under the assumption that we will host Animazement at the end of May, 2021.  We are working closely with the RCC and city and are considering all necessary precautions and modifications so that we can put on a show that will be safe for everyone, but we don’t yet know what form these cautions will take.  We know that you all want to plan ahead just as much as we do, and we thank you all for your continued patience.

We recognize that, due to COVID-19, some of you have already decided you cannot join us this year.  For that reason, we will continue to offer full refunds for anyone who requests one.  We would simply ask your patience as we work to fulfill refund requests.  Or, if you’re not sure yet, you can wait and see.  We will continue to offer refunds through the convention dates. 

  • ATTENDEES & DEALERS – forms can be found here (attendees) or here (dealers) (Both are the same form, just duplicated for traffic purposes). Please note that unless your ticket was purchased within 180 days, we will be unable to do an electronic refund and we will need to mail a check to you. Please make sure you fill out all information on the form.
  • ARTISTS – refunds should be initiated through Eventbrite directly.

We know these are trying times and we want everyone to be able to take the time they need to determine what the best course is for them. We will continue to monitor the situation as more data and guidance are released regarding COVID-19 infection and vaccination trends. Further communications regarding the status of Animazement 2021 will be released here on our website and on our social media outlets.