2019 Contest Winners

This was a weekend full of talent and we’re excited to share with you these outstanding contest winners. Congratulations to everyone!

Art Show Winners

  • Best in 2D: Mew n’ Luvdisc by Melissa Henrion
  • Best in 3D: Silk Song by Kristel Francis
  • Best in Show: Kitsune by Marielle Rousseau
  • Fan Favorite: Bob Ross by Rachel Shaffield

AMV Winners

  • Best Romance: Crowded Places by Alex Day
  • Best Comedy: Educonda by tnt_artistique
  • Best Drama: Preserve by Jerry Li
  • Best Action: Turbo Titans by Goatgrass Productions
  • Best Trailer/Parody: Kobiyashi Queen of Monsters by Brian Koonce
  • Best in Special Category (Robot Rock): You Saved Me! by Brian Koonce
  • Best in Show: Kobiyashi Queen of Monsters by Brian Koonce
  • Staff Favorite: Light Music Rhapsody by ShoriSquared

Karaoke Winners

  • First Place: Justin singing All Night
  • Second Place: Speedwagon singing Sono Chi no Somnus
  • Third Place: Kev Kev singing Somnus
  • Special Award: Sam singing Passion

Lip Sync for your Cosplay Winner

  • Venus

Project Cosplay Winner

  • Last Minute Cosplay Crisis

Cosplay Craftsmanship Winners

Judges’ Awards

  • Gimme-Moore Cosplay as “Sailor Alice”
  • Revenant Cosplay as “Artorias”
  • Genevieve as “Tulum Sombra”


  • First Place: Zepplyn as “Tsurara”
  • Second Place: Sleights of Hand as “Allen Walker”
  • Third Place: Prim as “Kaede Akamatsu”


  • First Place: Sazannah as “Gran Mamare”
  • Second Place: Pamela as “Moira”


  • First Place: Utopian Pigeon as “Fiery”
  • Second Place: Polyploidy as “Kumnaria”


  • Miss Mina as “Sakizou Snow White”

Masquerade Winners

Judges’ Awards

  • Unit B
  • Happy Party Train of Life, PARADAISU Project! as Aqua
  • Are-a-miss from Hypnosis Mike


  • First Place: Starry Eye Dolls from Love Live
  • Second Place: Noodle from Osumatsu-san
  • Third Place: Gimmie-Moore Cosplay as Sailor Alice

Best Journeyman

  • Leo and Logan from Zombieland Saga

Best Craftsman

  • Bad Kattitude and Aka Jeeps


  • Re:zero by Last Minute Cosplay