It’s Almost Animazement Time!

Animazement is only two weeks away! We know you’re all busy getting ready, so here are a few reminders to help you prepare!

We’re still accepting sign-ups for several events, so it’s not too late! Application forms are still open for our Masquerade and Cosplay Craftsmanship contests, as well as for Cosplay Chess.

We’ve also posted our playlist for Lip Sync for Your Cosplay! Make sure you practice your choreography!

Added to our schedule for 2018 is a new event: Project – COSPLAY! If you’re into crafting cosplays, this is the event for you! Come and watch teams of designers compete to put together the best cosplay they can in just one hour! Check out the rules and details here!

Maid Café tickets are now on sale! If you know what time you’d like to attend, go ahead and purchase through our website. Or wait until you get to the convention and purchase at the door.


One of the most asked questions before the convention is “where do I park?” Luckily for us, there are a ton of options in downtown Raleigh! Nearby parking decks fill early, so we recommend becoming familiar with nearby parking options before making the trek downtown. Your nearby options include:

• The Convention Center Underground Deck accessible from E Lenoir St. This deck is beneath the Marriott hotel.
• The Performing Arts Parking Deck with entrances on W Lenoir St and W South St
• The Cabarrus Parking Deck with entrances off of W Cabarrus St

You can read more about parking options here.

Now for some important housekeeping reminders. We know this stuff isn’t as fun, but it’s just as important!

1.The RCC wants us to remind you that if an escalator breaks, you should NOT use it as stairs. If you notice an escalator has broken, please inform the nearest member of AZ staff, and then find another route. Walking down broken escalators is a hazard, made doubly so by the fact that lots of us are in cosplay or carrying props. Please be safe!

2.Water stations are provided inside the RCC. Please take advantage of this to keep yourself hydrated! Do NOT unplug these water stations. Unplugging them causes them to stop functioning and not only prevents your fellow con-goers from getting water, but it potentially damages the machine. Unplugging a water station may result in the loss of your badge. This is a very stupid way to end your convention early.

3.Please remember to stay out of the landscaping outside of the RCC. These areas are blocked off for a reason. Trespassing in these areas and trampling plants may result in the loss of your badge.

4.Please be courteous to the surrounding properties in downtown Raleigh. The city loves having you guys here, so please do your best not to trash the place. Don’t leave litter behind, trample landscaping, or damage buildings.

Wow, that was a lot of info, but if you’ve read this and still have questions, please don’t hesitate email us at