January News

Wow!  We’re already a month into 2018 and in less than four months, Animazement will be here!  Lots of amazing things have been happening that you might have missed!

In December we successfully launched our new website.  We hope you’ve had a chance to look around, but if not, come on in and check it out!

In late December, we also had our first guest announcements for 2018.  We’re looking forward to welcoming new faces and greeting old friends.  You can find all of our announced guests on the guests page.  Keep checking, cause we’re not done yet!

We took Artists’ Alley applications during the second week of January and we’re thrilled at the amount of interest shown!  It’s always exciting to see how many artists are interested in coming to AZ.  We’re still working our way through all the applications we received and we plan to send out replies in late February.  Good luck to all those who applied!

Fan panel applications also opened in January and will remain open until March 31st.  We’ve already gotten some great submissions, and we can’t wait to see what else is in store!  If there’s a type of panel you’ve always wanted to see included in our schedule, consider hosting it yourself.  Our fan panelists are an integral part of our con family, and we wouldn’t have a convention without them.  Submit your application here.

Cosplay Chess applications are also open.  You can check out this year’s theme and fill out the application here.  And don’t forget to check out our amazing Cosplay Chess team on Facebook!

Volunteer sign-ups have opened and you’ll be able to sign up right up until the start of the convention!  You can also join our volunteer mailing list to keep up to date on volunteer opportunities that may come up before the convention.  We rely on our volunteers of all ages to help us put on a great show, so if you’ve got an itch to look behind the curtain and see how a convention is run, consider signing up.  We offer rewards based on how many hours you work, and working more than 14 hours will earn you a badge for next year’s Animazement!  Sign up hereNot sure if you’ll have the time? That’s fine, too!  We also take walk-ins all weekend at our Volunteer Table on the main floor outside of room 306C.

Want to keep up with all of our upcoming announcements?  Follow us on Facebook and Twitter!