A fan favorite at every anime convention, the Masquerade is central to the fun!  Animazement’s most-attended contest is the Saturday night Masquerade! Come out and see the best costumes and skits our attendees have to offer, and find out who will win the top prizes!  Costumes are not required to be a part of the audience, so if your sewing skills aren’t up to the task, you can still enjoy the show.

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Want to Participate?

Enter the Masquerade Contest and show off your costume in front of thousands of screaming fangirls and fanboys! Read on for more details on how to become a part of the Masquerade Contest.

How It Works:

The Masquerade Contest is one of the largest events at Animazement. Our goal is to start on time, and keep this event within its time constraints. We ask that all those wishing to participate in the Masquerade Contest adhere to the more precise scheduling and commitment that this event warrants.

Please click here for the Masquerade Application

Masquerade Application

  • Keep in mind:

    One member of your group must check in at the 10AM meeting/rehearsal on Saturday morning.
  • Solo Entries have (90) ninety seconds of stage time. Group Entries receive (3) three.
  • We need full legal names, such as from a government issued ID.
  • Example: Play when character X walks on stage.
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    All music must be in MP3 format.

    Solo Entries have (90) ninety seconds of stage time.  Group Entries receive (3) three.

    If you are registering at the convention for the Masquerade, there is a meeting Saturday morning where you can fill out the forms, turn in CDs or mp3s on flash drives.

    Online pre-registration will be available from April 1st to May 20th before the Convention.
    We will cap the groups at 50 entries. 35 entries will be available for pre-registration and after we hit 35, the remaining 15 will be available for at-convention signups.

    Animazement General Rules and Guidelines must be followed at all times.

    There are four levels: Novice/Journeyman/Craftsman/Youth. Novice is 1-3 major awards. Journeyman is 4 to 5 awards won over novice. Craftsman is 6 or more awards.

    Youth Awards are for those 12 and younger.

    Competing “down” (A Craftsman entering as Journeyman for an easier win) is discouraged and will lead to disqualification.

    The “strongest” member of the group will have the group entered as that level (One craftsman, two Journeyman, one novice entering will result in the group entering as Craftsman.)

    Costume Rules
    1. Solo Entries have (90) ninety seconds of stage time.  Group Entries receive (3) three.
    2. Because this is a platform stage, no “hard falls” or leaping off the stage.
    3. No confetti, glitter, or mess.  Everything you bring on the stage should come off-stage as well.
    4. Keep skits tasteful – PG-13 or less.
    5. No live steel or weapons.
    6. While cameos are fine from comics and pop-culture media, please keep your skit of Japanese or Asian origin.
    7. All decisions of the judge and coordinator are final.