Applications are closed for 2014

Applications are closed for 2014.

We’ll be sending out acceptance or waitlist emails mid-February.  Don’t forget that payments will be due within 7 days of the acceptance e-mail.


Our Artists’ Alley applications are juried. You must have a portfolio site, if you don’t, you will not be considered. Etsy, Flickr, Photobucket, Facebook and such will not be considered.  There are many free choices out there:,  and many more.  Create a specific filter or folder with at least 15 of your top pieces and use that specific link when prompted.

2014 will be the first year Artists Alley will be in an Event Space, similar to the Dealer’s Room.  This means we will have hours of operation and doors will be locked at the end of the night.

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Hours of Operation

  • Thursday
    • Check In/Set-Up:  6:00PM – 9:00PM
  • Friday
    • Artist Set-Up:  8:30AM – 9:00AM
    • General Public:  9:00AM – 10:00PM
    • Artist Closing:  10:00PM – 10:30PM
  • Saturday
    • Artist Set-Up:  8:30AM – 9:00AM
    • General Public:  9:00AM – 10:00PM
    • Artist Closing:  10:00PM – 10:30PM
  • Sunday
    • Artist Set-Up:  8:30AM – 9:00AM
    • General Public:  9:00AM – 3:00PM
    • Artist Closing:  3:00PM – 3:30PM

General Information

  1. You must have a website or online photo album with your work in it to apply.  Applications are juried.
  2. Pricing:  Full tables are $110; Half tables are $55.  All artists may have up to 2 Full tables.
  3. Badges:  Table pricing does not include badges.  Artists will be given an option to purchase a discounted badge during payment.
  4. We now allow proxy selling.  Artist and studio alliances may sell each other’s work.  All artwork must follow the rules of the Artists Alley.
  5. Age:  All artists must be 16 or older to sell behind a table or have a guardian present.
  6. ID: All artists must have a government-issued photo ID to check in. Accepted forms of ID include: A state drivers’ license, state-issued identification card, a passport, or military ID. Other forms of Photo ID may be accepted at the discretion of the Artist Alley staff. The name on the ID must match the name given during table registration.
  7. Check In: All artists must be checked in by 12:00PM on Saturday during the convention. If you know that you may show up late, please let us know at least a week prior to the first day of the convention. Any notification later than that may possibly be ignored and your table may be forfeit.
  8. Electricity: Outlets are not available for use.
  9. Common Sense: Be considerate to your neighbors. Do not throw anything across the room. Do not take someone else’s chair.
  10. Signage: Do not lean anything against the walls at the Raleigh Convention Center. Do not post anything on the walls or stick anything to them. Please respect the property of the Raleigh Convention Center.
  11. Music: Music may be played with the express permission of any and all artists within earshot.
  12. We reserve the right to refuse any artist.

Artwork Requirements

  1. Fan art: We strongly encourage all work to be at least 50% original.
    1. Homestuck fanart or derivative works are banned due to the creator’s wishes, except unique 2D commissions.
  2. Influence: Artwork must also have Japanese influence through either style or subject matter and will be judged by artistic merit.
    IE: Buttons with just simple text, such as ‘LOL’
  3. Items that may not be sold:
    1. Copyright: No copyrighted logos.
    2. Copied or stolen work will be grounds for the artist’s immediate removal from the Artist Alley.
    3. Selling lottery tickets is prohibited. You may have raffles with tickets given away freely. This is due to North Carolina gambling laws.
    4. Food, snack and/or beverages
    5. Items that were not created by yourself and/or your studio
  4. Items that may be sold:
    1. Any product featuring an artist’s original character
    2. Commissioned and hand-made works created at the convention, barring they do not break any rule
    3. Unique, individual, hand-made items
    4. Doujinshi, fanzines, and other similar derivative items
    5. Fan art that is clearly created by the artist, opposed to the license holder

Table Space

  1. A full table is 8ft x 30 in. A half table is 4ftx 30in.
    1. Every half table will have one chair. We have a limited amount of extra chairs so they will be first come, first serve. You are welcome to bring an extra chair but please keep in mind of space restrictions.
    2. A full table may have a maximum of 4 chairs. A half table may have a maximum of 2 chairs.
  2. All artists may have up to 2 Full tables.
  3. Please keep all items within your allotted space, both on and behind the table.
  4. You may not bring your own tables to set up in addition to your table space. Everyone pays for the same amount of space. Thus it is only fair that everyone uses the same amount of space.
  5. Sharing:  You are welcome to share the tables but must keep in mind of artwork & chair rules, as well as space restrictions.
  6. Displays: All displays must be made with solid construction and will not extend more than five feet above a table. If any structure falls down, appears unstable, or extends more than 5 feet above the table, the artist to whom it belongs will be asked to remove it by the Alley staff. In addition, all displays must reside within the confines of your area. Displays behind your table may not impede upon other artists areas nor disrupt traffic flow incase of emergency.
  7. Refunds: Refunds will only be issued (minus any fees) if we are notified that you cannot attend by April 15th. No refunds will be guaranteed after that point.

Please always feel free to report any and all issues with a staff member. We cannot take care of the problem unless we know about it.