Weapons & Props Policy

Props and Weapons

Animazement wants to create a safe environment for all attendees, while also allowing costumers to show off their hard work and craftsmanship. Please review this page and ensure that everything you bring to the convention follows Animazement guidelines.
Failure to adhere to this policy can result in immediate expulsion from the convention.

Forbidden Costumes & Props

Items which are strictly prohibited (no questions asked) include :
1. Live Steel– This includes swords, knives, shurikens, bayonets, or other metal objects which have an edge.
2. Guns – This is anything that shoots a projectile or could be enabled to shoot a projectile, including air guns, airsoft weapons, crossbows, or replicas of actual guns.
3. Signs – This includes all message based signs attached to costumes, picket signs, polling signs, and dry erase boards.
4. Paddles – Regardless of the shape, size, material, or message that may be written on them, paddles of any kind will not be allowed.

Restricted Props & Costumes

Items which are permitted with certain limitations include:
1. Easily identifiable toy plastic guns
2. Wooden bokken, staffs or walking sticks
3. Fake weapons made from cardboard, Styrofoam, rubber, or other craft materials
4. Large props, regardless of construction
5. Large costumes
6. Heavy props (or props constructed mostly of metal)

If a permitted weapon is an integral part of a costume, it must be bound at all times, in such a way as to make it impossible to draw or use the weapon. Misusing a prop, or engaging in horseplay by swinging it around, sparring, etc., is the fastest way to lose the privilege of carrying it at all.

Due to safety concerns, large props will not be permitted in the dealers room.

All props are subject to review by the convention staff. You may be asked at by Animazement or RCC staff to remove your prop. If this happens, you must not only cease wearing it, but also remove it from the convention area immediately.

Failure to adhere to this policy can result in immediate expulsion from the convention. Remember, if you have any doubt, you can always contact us or check with security staff at the convention.

Dealers Room Weapons

If you purchase a weapon in the Dealers Room, take it immediately to your room or car for storage. Do not carry it around with you.