We’re taking over the Marriott!

The video game rooms will be in the Marriott. This will allow us to have longer operating hours for your gaming pleasure. We will have the three rooms — Chancellor, Congressional and University — all dedicated to gaming goodness.

Remember, you can cross under Salisbury Street from the RCC to the hotel so you don’t get wet if it rains (or sweat).

Tournament Schedule

Game Fri Sat
All schedules subject to change.
Persona 4 Arena 8pm n/a
King of Fighters 13 11pm n/a
Naruto Shipp┼źden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 3 n/a 8pm
Tekken Tag Tournament 2 n/a 11pm
DDR X3 Arcade (Expert Difficulty) n/a 5pm

Console | Congressional Room | 10am to 2am

The traditional con game room, full of current gen systems. We’ll have PlayStation 3′s and Xbox 360′s running the best 2D and 3D fighters. Lag free Asus monitors and large projection screens will surround you while worthy competition will be sitting right next to you. No net lag or dropped games here, only your skill will prove the winner. And if you think you are good enough, we will run nightly tournaments to prove your achievements. Not to worry kids, there will be some Smash.

Retro | Chancellor Room | Hours TBA

You’re going to think you went 88 miles per hour when you enter this room. Classic systems that you grew up with or have heard “us” old timers wax nostalgic about. We will be running some of the best games before the advent of DLC and patches. Use the Zorlon cannon to defeat the Qotile or jump in your Vic Viper to blast the Bacterians back to…well, wherever they keep coming from, and always remember to shoot the core! Break out your fingerless gloves help Adam, Axel and Blaze duke it out against the secret criminal syndicate, or maybe you want to use your head to rescue Princess Za by head butting prehistoric baddies. We will be rotating games all weekend, so be sure to drop by often. The ever popular Saturn 10-player Bomberman will also be running in the retro room.

Arcade | University Room | open 24 hours

Consumers have been buying game consoles to bring the arcade home, but at Animazement we bring the arcades to you! A whole room full of Japanese arcade machines, all on free play, open all weekend long. To make this year the best evah, Wedoca called their good friends at Bemani Invasion to join forces to bring you even more arcade goodness to play. AZ will bring a dozen of the best Bemani! No more plywood soft pad dancing, we got the real deal DDR, Pop’n Music, Technika, Taiko and Beatmania for you to express yourself. We should even have some Bemani tournaments run by the BI crew. Wedoca will still have the fighters you are looking for, such as Vampire, Alpha, ST, 3S, CvS2, Garou and KoF along with puzzle and shmups you have grown to expect from the Animazement game room.