Everything that you need to know about Animazement!

What is Animazement?

Animazement is an annual convention in Raleigh, NC that celebrates the world of Japanese visual culture through anime, manga, video games, J-rock, martial arts, traditional crafts, and more! Brought to you by fans, for fans.
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When is Animazement held?

Animazement is held annually in May, on Memorial Day Weekend.
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How do I attend?

If you want to come to Animazement, the first step is registration. Take advantage of special discounted pre-registration rates during our online pre-registration period, or, purchase your badge at the door! Everything you need to know about pricing and how to register for Animazement is available at the links below:
* Attendee Registration
* Dealer Registration
* Artists Alley Registration

What is there to do?

Animazement brings you a weekend packed full of events, panels, video rooms, and so much more, all dedicated to the world of anime and all things Japan. There is always something happening at Animazement! Learn all about everything there is to do at Animazement below:
* Events – Concerts, dances, autograph sessions, guest & culture panels and more!

What are the rules?

Animazement has established guidelines to ensure that everyone has a fun and safe convention experience, in a welcoming and family-friendly environment. Learn about all of our rules and policies below:
* Code of Conduct

What can I do between cons?

Can’t wait for the next Animazement? Feeling some post-con depression after the last Animazement? Here are some ways to connect with other attendees and fans! Want to give back to our community of fans, and help make the next Animazement happen? Become a volunteer! Have a great idea for a panel? Become a fan panelist! Read on for lots of ways to get involved and become a part of Animazement.
* Animazement Fan Forum
* Volunteer!


Can I wear a costume?

Yes! Everybody is welcome to dress up as their favorite character while attending the convention. While costumes are welcome, they are not required. Our attendees wear regular jeans and T-shirts, elaborate mecha costumes, elegant goth dresses, and everything in-between. Please ensure that your outfit meets the costume guidelines in our Dress Code.
Please keep in mind that all costume props must meet the conditions of Animazement’s Props and Weapons policy. Also, please remember that all costume props must be carried and handled responsibly in the convention (that means, no horseplay).