Animazement is about everything anime and Japan. We pack our schedule full of events dedicated to the world of anime and all things Japan. There is always something to do at Animazement! There are a variety of events that you can attend during your 3-day week-end at Animazement. Events can include…

Thursday Night Pre-Con

Start your convention early on Thursday night at Animazement’s Pre-Con! This is your chance to pick up your badges early and enjoy a little taste of Animazement before the convention officially begins.

Opening Ceremonies

You may have just gotten settled in to your hotel room, or you may have been to every panel since noon, but be sure to join all of our guests and fellow otaku as they welcome you to Animazement. This is no typical stuffy ceremony–our guests and attendees are ready to party, and anything can (and probably will) happen! Come out and get fired up for an action-packed weekend of celebrating everything that makes us Animazement!

Autograph Sessions

Autograph sessions are a great way to meet our guests up close, and take home a unique keepsake of your time at Animazement! So, how can you get that favorite DVD signed? Check out the Autograph Session FAQs.

Guest Panels

Guest Panels are truly special events where you can learn all about the work of industry insiders! Get the real story of what it’s like to be a voice actor, director, translator, producer, musician, artist, or even an anime company president!  Check out our guest list!

Fan Panels

Panels are scheduled throughout the entire week-end of Animazement.  If you have a specialty and want to talk about it or just an obsession with a certain anime series and you want to share it with the con, we’d love for you to host a Fan Panel.

Dealer’s Room

Come by our Dealer’s Room for official merchandise, swords and more!

Artist’s Alley

The Artists’ Alley is a great place for attendees to pick up unique prints and handcrafted items.

Art Room

Would you rather focus on the convention but sell a piece here or there?  The art room is perfect for you!

Video Gaming

Grab the controller and test your skills in one of Animazement’s video game tournaments! Do you have what it takes to rise to the challenge?

Costume Craftsmanship

The masquerade contest is filled with costumed plays, but what about all of the behind-the-scenes work that went into making those costumes?  Sign up to show off your technical skills!


Enter the Masquerade Contest and show off your costume in front of thousands of screaming fangirls and fanboys!  Read on for more details

Cosplay Chess

Only here can our demented chess masters play out a story of life and death with our human chess pieces. Find out more!

Anime Hell

No doubt you’ve heard the whispered rumors or noticed the hushed conversations among your fellow attendees.  There’s only one way to find out. Hell. Join us and judge for yourself.


Do you love music videos and anime?  Maybe you’ve got some skills with editing and would love to splice your favorite series with the perfect song… enter the AMV contest!


What better way to end your Friday or Saturday at Animazement than by getting down with your fellow otaku! Dance the night away to your favorite anime themes, J-pop, and the best in electro-house and trance!


Come on stage and sing your heart out!  We’ve got the audience and the music..  all we need is the star!

Closing Ceremonies

Before you know it, Sunday afternoon rolls around and it’s time to say goodbye until next year. But this is no time to be sad, come out and celebrate all the fun of Animazement one last time with all of our guests and your new friends!