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Masquerazement | Formal Dance

Animazement is pleased to introduce the Masquerazement Ball. This is a special dance event featuring elegant music and ballroom dancing, for all ages, happening Thursday night at 8:00pm in the Raleigh Convention Center’s Ballroom C.

Formal attire AND a mask is required and will be inspected at the door. Masks will be for sale before the dance, but quantities will be extremely limited. Please prepare before the event. This is also considered a pre-con event and a 2014 badge will be required for entrance.

When:  Thursday 8:00PM

Where:  RCC Ballroom C

Clothing Guidelines

As this event does have specific clothing requirements, please take a moment to read more about what is and isn’t considered acceptable formal wear to save yourself from being turned away at the door. Due to the numerous events we will be setting up and running, we will NOT be able to respond to an influx of questions or picture examples for each individual participant, so instead, we ask that you self-regulate, and use your best judgement. Generally, if you have to ask, the answer is probably “no.


  • Shoes must be worn at all times, and should not include metal soles or tips.
  • Open toed shoes are OK.
  • Bottom hem of skirt should be no higher than 6″ above the knee.
  • Dress bodice may be low-cut or backless as long as appropriate care is taken to ensure no “wardrobe malfunctions”.


  • Shoes must be worn at all times, and should not include metal soles or tips.
  • No jeans or torn pants.
  • Shirts must be dress shirts.  No T-shirts, tank tops or fishnet.
  • Sweaters or vests are OK.
  • Jackets and ties are not required.

Simply put, please use the guidelines of a classy date.

Is Cosplay Allowed?

Although this is not a cosplay event, we realize that some people may want to wear “formal” cosplay to the ball. The rules stay the same; Luffy has to take off his hat, wear a tucked-in button up shirt and don some dress shoes!

Examples of what would be considered formal wear:

  • Traditional Japanese Formal Clothing
  • Asian Street Fashion such as lolita or kei styles
  • Formal Fictional and Non-fictional Military Uniforms
  • Historical Formal Clothing
  • Formal Steampunk

Examples of what would not be considered formal wear:

  • School Uniforms
  • Armor
  • Martial Arts Uniforms
  • Asian Street Fashion such as colgal, decora, and bosozoku styles

Costume Elements that are not allowed:

  • Props
  • Weapons
  • Body Paint or Stage Makeup except on the face as a mask
  • Duct Tape
  • Paper Bags or Boxes
  • Metal Soled or Tipped Shoes
  • Chains longer than 10 inches
  • Leashes
  • Wings, Horns or Tails that extend past your shoulders or further than 10″ off your body.

Be advised that regular convention dress code rules should be followed at all times. Also note we reserve the right to deny access to anyone who does not follow these simple guidelines. Please plan ahead.

Dance | Dance Club

What better way to end the night at Animazement than by getting down with your fellow otaku! Dance the night away to your favorite anime themes, J-pop, and the best in electro-house and trance. Bring your glow sticks! Dances typically run late, so make sure to be well rested, well-fed, and well-hydrated.

The standard dress guidelines and code of conduct still apply.

Per usual, there will be a late-night dance on Friday and Saturday evening (the formal dance is separate)!