How to Register

We’re accepting applications for Cosplay Chess!  The theme for 2014 is The Ordinary vs. The Uncanny.

Please make sure to answer the form carefully so we have all the correct information. Hope to see you Memorial Day Weekend!

The Ordinary:

These are characters whose abilities or lack there of are explainable by training, technology, and equipment.  Someone you could potentially see as following the rules of how the real world works.

Mecha pilots from Captain Sagara of Full metal Panic fame to Shinji from Evangelion are great examples.  Sagara is a highly trained if obsessive military officer.  Shinji is just especially full of teenage angst.

So if your character is known for prowess with a gun to cramming an entire semester in a single night, they belong to the extraordinarily ordinary side.

The Uncanny

These characters cannot be explained by how the real world operates.  They are the truly supernatural, surreal, and inexplicable.

So if you are some blood sucking snarky hellspawn ( we are looking at you, Alucard) or a space princess with an affinity for dying every 5 seconds only to suddenly return to life you might just find a home as a part of Team Uncanny.

So the real questions are who will come forward to participate in this epic battle and which team shall rein supreme?

General Cosplay Chess Rules

1. You do not need to have any knowledge of chess in order to play. Your movements will be directed by one of two chess masters.

2. You have to apply to take part in chess. This event is not first come, first serve.  The Cosplay Chess Director will make the final decision on who will take part in the actual event.

3. The Cosplay Chess Director will pick your final position on the chess board and what team you are on. This will not be revealed until the practice session.

4. Costumes and selected based on the following criteria: Craftsmanship, easy recognition and most importantly a high quality description of your character’s various actions.

5. This is a theatrical event; priority will be given to cosplayers who stay in character the entire time.

6. Entries can be from any source (for example manga, video games, pop culture, etc) but Original Characters are not accepted.

7. The same costume may be worn for Cosplay Chess and the Masquerade.

8. Costumes do not have to be made by the applicant.

9. You many apply more than once if you have multiple costumes that you wish to apply with.

10. You may apply as a group or individually.

11. You are allowed to have an assist character to aid your attack or death scenes.  Be sure to include pictures of your assists in your application

12. You must have the ability to freely move on your own without assistance in your costume and cannot take up too much space on the board as well.

13. All costumes must follow the con rules, general policy and weapon policy and be appropriate.

14. All applications must be fully filled out. Any missing information will result in a dismissal of your application.

15.  A photograph of your costume must be submitted with your application.  You WILL NOT be considered if you do not have this photograph attached.

16. All attacks, deaths and taunts must be approved by the Cosplay Chess Director.

17. Participants in the event are to avoid any physical contact that might hurt or damage a cosplayer in any way.    If you are a problem you will be removed from the event immediately.

18. Participants MUST attend the MANDATORY Cosplay Chess practice session. This will take place on the day before the match.  If you do not show up, you will not be in chess match. Important details that all participants will need to know will be covered during this time and this will give you an opportunity to practice your attack and deaths.

19. Participants MUST arrive to the match an hour early for check in and set up. If you are not there your spot WILL be given to an alternate.

20. IMPORTANT NOTE: When applying, please be sure that you will be able to be to go to the meeting and show up to the match an hour before it starts.

21. If you happen to be unavailable after applying, it is your responsibility to write an email to the Cosplay Chess Director to notify him/her. An unjustified absence at the game will result in your exclusion in subsequent Cosplay Chess events.

22. Selected participants will be emailed the first week of April. You will have to send back a confirmation email securing your spot in the match before April 6th.  Failure to send this confirmation email will result in your spot being given to another applicant.

23. There will be at convention sign up on Friday.  There will be six spots (Three on each side) saved for at convention sign up. Information on time and place will be update closer to the convention.

If you have any questions, please email